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How To Explain Sin

Bronze Serpent

Sin is a concept that is fleeing our society. Here in Brazil, where we live, sin is not understood in the culture. So when you talk to a friend, coworker, or a relative about sin, the eyes roll, heads shake because you are just one of those old fashion persons. I have a story that I often tell to explain sin, and it is in the old testament Numbers 21:6-9 – The Bronze Serpent. It has such an impact because it strikes fear into people’s hearts when God sends poisonous snakes to kill his people just because they grumbled and complained about what God had given them. Death was the price. The story is quick, simple, and catches people’s attention, even in America.

Next Week on Lizard Tracks

Elijah Walked Here

Elijah was a great man of God. He called fire down from heaven, killed 400 prophets of Bal, and shut the heavens for over three years, so Israel saw no rain. Come here, my story of the Man who could do all this and yet feared for his life. You do not want to miss this series. Podcast Lizard Tracks; more info at

The Faith Coffee Cup

As you stop by your local coffee shop, you will want to drop a subtle hint about your faith. Then this coffee mug will express your devotion to what Christ has done for us. You can purchase the John 3v16 mug at Zazzle.

How You Can Pray For Us
  • December will be here soon enough. We are packing for a trip for December 4 – 21. Pray that all the luggage we are taking with us will make it to its destination. The plan is to arrive in Fort Lauderdale and send six trunks by UPS because we have a split airline ticket.
  • Pray for Ellen’s presentation on December 8 entitled “Let The Redeemed of the Lord Tell Their Story”. Our sending church Centerville GBC is hosting the event.

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