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The Christmas Story

Traditional Christmas Scene

In the Philipines, the story of Jesus’ birth does not end with the Magi but with the couple and their newborn fleeing for their lives to Egypt. Each country we have lived in celebrates Christmas with a different twist. For the holiday meal apples and oranges are what can be found on the dinner table. In Brazil, Christmas is a sub-note to the new year celebrations. It is seen as a western holiday mostly wrapped around Santa Clause with the story of Jesus barely making a dent in the holiday season. This is why we make it a point to tell the story of Jesus as many times as we can because it is not part of the culture and people need to know Who Jesus Is! Remember to tell the Christmas Story in your home this year and every year.

Immanuel Has Come

Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

The birth of Jesus was something spectacular. The coming of his birth was prophesied at the foundation of the world. As the old testament writers put the Word of God down on paper it is laced with prophecies about the coming Messiah. My story follows the Gospels as it demonstrates the fulfillment of these prophecies through the birth of Jesus Christ. The crafted stories are from the Gospels Matthew, Luke, and John which open with the birth or first part of Jesus’ life. Series Dates: December 16-27 Podcast Lizard Tracks: more info at

First Story In My Christmas Series

Remembering Christmas

The glut of Christmas mugs featuring pagan imagery is impressive. Here I like to feature mugs with artwork that celebrates the stories in the Bible, and this Christmas Mug is one that will be a great addition to your personal collection. Consider ordering one today as you prepare for the Christmas season.

  • We will be traveling back to Brazil on Dec 21 & 22. Pray that during this busy travel season we will not be delayed and all our luggage will make it.
  • Praise God for the great turnout to hear Ellen’s story program. It was a joy for all who attended.
  • While we were gone our property manager has been pulling up the tile in the house and then putting it back down again. Pray that the house is not to messed up from the construction work. This time of year we can expect guests to drop in.

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