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Fishers of Men CoVID-19

Jesus was teaching on the beaches of Galilee when he called a few fishermen to fish for men. In the midst of the pandemic of COVID-19, we are still called by our Lord and Savior to fish for men. Not with nets but with the stories and parables we can find in scripture. Social distancing does not force our mouths shut or mute our voices. On the contrary at 6 feet distance, we only need to raise our volume level a little hire so that our friends, neighbor, or acquaintance can hear the words of life.

For the average Christian, it is difficult to make new contacts or share the gospel message, but it does not mean we should not try. How can they hear if we do not speak! Well, I suggest using our cell phones as a tool to gain access to their ears. Wayne has developed a very simple and flexible technique to reach the average cell phone user. He has developed download coupons that can be passed on to any smartphone user. With this simple coupon, your friends can hear a Gospel message in moments. Try it, print out this PDF file with the coupons on it. Follow this link to the PDF.