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Bobbing For Apples

Let me just write this up as a cultural exchange. No, Brazilians do not have a fall, go on hayrides, enjoy a cool evening by the campfire and bob for apples. Since we are Americans and we like our culture and share it with our friends. At first, they were not too sure about putting their head in a bucket of water. That is what you do when you take a bath, many here bathe outside because they do not have an indoor shower. That was the first hurdle, but they do like apples, so there is an incentive.

There are two church meetings during the week, Wednesday and Thursday. The first one we always attend and participate in the other is part of our leadership training where it is replicated by our leadership team. I was not sure after the first night of Apple Bobbing if they were going to replicate it or just give out the apples to eat that we provided. To our surprise, our cell phone had pictures and a video of them Bobbing For Apples at our Farol Beach location. Look and see.

Farol Beach Location