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My Best Story Teller

In my international ministry here in the Amazon Delta, I have been working with a handful of men over the years and Luiz is one of them. He is an amazing storyteller when it comes to telling biblical stories. At one point in his life, he was selling popsicles on the bus for a living and telling a free bible story with each popsicle he sold. Even if they did not want to buy a popsicle they story he told was for free.

Now he comes out once a month to our kid’s club on the island where we live to share a fantastic bible story with the kids. It is always a joy to listen to Luiz. Please keep him in payer as he shares God’s Story.

On Lizard Tracks

Gideon The Least Of Them

The story of Gideon is a powerful one, filled with excitement and drama. In the story the men shouted A Sword for the Lord and for Gideon! Yet, not a single sword was drawn by Gideon or his men. The hand of God can clearly be seen as God turns a coward into a valiant warrior. Come join me in this exciting story at my podcast Lizard Tracks. On the web at LizardTracks

Lizard Tracks Mugs

To celebrate the story of Gideon we have produced as part of my Lizard Tracks Story Series Specialty Mugs, the Sword For Gideon Mug. It is a great conversations starter and an opening to help you tell the story of Gideon. Buy your specialty edition mug today at Zazzle.

  • Pray for Luiz that God will send a student or disciple to train in Biblical Story Telling.
  • Pray for the writing and recording of an Evangelistic MP3 Album – I AM The Bread Of Life, Crafted Stories from Jesus.
  • Pray for the Lord to expand the number of people that receive the SMS Updates.
  • Pray that the Lord will provide a volunteer to help design a coffee mug series.

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