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Celebrating 63 Years

The Monkey Island Church 63 Years of Ministry

Missionary Bill Burk, or better known as Amazon Bill, founded the Monkey Island church 63 years ago. It was one of the early churches planted by missionaries sent from the United States. Yet, after 63 years of ministry, the work here at the Island of Cotijuba is their first successful church plant laboring in partnership with Wayne & Ellen. All of this was worth celebrating. As part of the celebrations, they made up Baptism Certificates for those that had been baptized here on the island of Cotijuba. Here are some pictures of some of our men receiving their certificates. In the islands, no celebration is not complete without Açai to eat, along with a little cake.

He goes by the nick name Pop Corn
Cordero which means lamb.
George our first baptized here on Cotijuba
Sunday Morning Training Island Of Cotijuba