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Modern Day River Pastor

Pastor Jeu at his church with Paulo one of our contacts.

God has blessed us with a great local teammate. Jeu is a modern-day river pastor. He comes from a family that is many generations deep in Christ with an extended family of pastors and church leaders. He has his aluminum boat with an outboard motor, so he can get around quickly to make visits to parishioners on the river. This modern-day boat makes him a target on the river. He has had his boat stolen a few years back. He is praising God that they only took the outboard motor and abandoned his boat on the river shore. God then blessed him with a new 20 hp motor that helps keep him moving.

As he has partnered with us and his boat is included in the deal. He no longer visits parishioners with the boat but uses it to commute back and forth from his church on the weekends. It is such a blessing for us that he can spend Monday through Friday working with us here on the island of Cotijbua and then on the weekends work at the Monkey Island Church. Pray for Jeu as he works the soil here.