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Tuffy My Dog

Meet my dog, Tuffy; he is part of our ministry team! Tuffy builds friendships, helps us make contacts, and is the talk of the island of where we live. He protects us from the drunks, drugged out derange people trying to enter our property, yes he does bite! He also will play toss the coconut for hours on end as many of our guest who has stayed with us for some of our training programs. Tuffy will then shock them as he will put the entire coconut in his mouth and then crush it. He likes the taste of coconut after a good game of toss.

Tuffy was supposed to be just a dog to protect the property but God has blessed us with a ministry partner that has opened a few doors for us as we minister in this small island community. Pray that Tuffy stays healthy and well mannered yet protective as he helps us with our ministyr.

Next On Lizard Tracks

The Burning Bush
The Call Of Moses

My podcast Lizard Tracks will feature the incredible story of how God called Moses to lead his people out of the land of Egypt. The story of the burning bush is a fantastic story, one that has been captured in film but will not compare to your imagination as you listen to this classic story told from a Biblical perspective Join me at Lizard Tracks on Monday.

Tell Joseph’s Story Over Coffee

To commemorate this exciting story we have created the Joseph Coffee Mug. It can be a great conversation starter as you take this coffee mug to your favorite coffee shop or at home with friends. The question on mug will spark an opening to share the story of Joseph. Available at Zazzle.

  • Pray for us as we step into summer when many of our on island ministries will take a break for the summer.
  • We are preparing to visit the States at the end of July and spend most of August visiting family, so pray for our travels.
  • Pray for the writing and recording of an Evangelistic MP3 Album – I AM The Bread Of Life, Crafted Stories from Jesus.
  • Pray for the Lord to expand the number of people that receive the SMS Updates.
  • Pray that the Lord will provide a volunteer to help design a coffee mug series.

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