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Men Telling The Story

It was such an awesome night with two of our men sharing their experiences from Friday nights evangelistic house visits. My ears were burning as they shared how they were telling the story of Cain and Able and how it impacted the conversation they were having with their host. This one-story created a conversation that lasted for over an hour and it was a story this man had never heard. Wow, how exciting it was to listen to them.

My Website Crashed

As a missionary, everything is on a shoestring budget, including all the publicity I create. I was working late at night working on my webserver cleaning house; it was a mess and deleted my data from the website. Oops! It took a few days to get most of the data restored from the back up but not this publication. So today, Monday, I am typing it all over again. I like the original version better, though.

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Jesus Our Hope

The Gospels are packed with stories about Jesus but that is not what gives us hope in Jesus. It is his last days on earth and what he at the end. Tune into my podcast. Podcast Lizard Tracks; more info at

A Mug To Express Your Faith

As you stop by your local coffee shop, you will want to drop a subtle hint about your faith. Then this coffee mug will express your devotion to what Christ has done for us. You can purchase the John 3v16 mug at Zazzle.

  • Pray that I can get a better handle on working with all this technology, so I do not crash anything else.
  • We will be in the Dayton, Ohio area December 5-21 for class work Ellen has to finish and to see the doctors and a lawyer about our future. Pray as we seek the Lord’s leading.
  • It has been hard to find time to put together the MP3 album that I recorded. Pray that time will open for me to work on it.
  • Pray that people will sign up for my Bible Storytelling Updates over the next two months.

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