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Why Story

The modern world revolves around story

The Bible is filled with hundreds of stories. When Jesus shared the secrets of His Heavenly Kingdom He uses stories to express this truth. If you are a student of culture like we are. It is clear that our culture now revolves around media and stories, not books and facts. If given an option to purchase a newspaper or download a video, hands down a person will now choose a video. Most likely it will be on a cell phone to watch it on the go.

Social media is nothing but a mishmash of stories. If you look at Facebook, Instagram, and others they feature stories. Jesus had the same issues in His time, stories catch people’s attention and will move the heart of a person. This is why we need to share the scriptures as a natural story, just as Jesus shared His parables. The Mini MP3 Albums Wayne has developed as a tool to share the Good News (follow this link).

If you would like to share Wayne’s Mini MP3 Albums just drop us a note or call. Wayne will drop a few cards in the mail to you.